Ugo Therien

Canada’s Sustainable Development Goals Unit at Government of Canada, Director

For the past decade, Ugo has worked to foster collaboration, build partnerships and modernize communication across all sectors of the Government of Canada to reach Canadians where they are. With a solid expertise in media relations, social media and event organization, Ugo knows how to take advantage of his varied background and his network. Ugo joined Canada’s new Sustainable Development Goals Unit in October 2018 as Director in charge to lead the development of a whole-society National Strategy for the implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda in Canada.

A passionate executive with a modern skills set, Ugo is bringing his positive energy every day and trying to change the status quo in ‎government by bringing practical solutions to ongoing issues. His teamwork and results-oriented approach enable him to mobilize his employees and achieve objectives.Prior to joining the federal government, this ex-high-school math teacher became a communication and issues management specialist providing advice to Ministers, international companies and media organizations.

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